Narsete Photography Team

We are a team of creatives and we are dedicated to ensuring that your wedding day is captured flawlessly, full of passion, fun times and beautiful, candid moments. Based in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. we photograph weddings in Ottawa and worldwide. As wedding photographers, we are truly honored to be asked to capture one of the most important days of your life.

Narsete Photography Team


Founder, Lead Photographer, Creative Director

Marco's passion for photography can be seen in every shot that he takes.  He will study every aspect of the photo in his mind before pressing the shutter.  Post-Production is where his real artistic side comes through, as he can turn a simple photo into a true work of art.


Carmen Narsete.jpg


Founder, Lead Photographer, Client Relations

Often the first person you will speak with over the phone or email, Carmen has the ability to make you feel at ease.  She has a love for photography and capturing the connection between a couple.  Her laugh and personality will make you feel like you have known her forever.

narsete photography team member


Second Photographer

Simone takes pride in every aspect of his work, and pushes himself to reach new levels of art with every shot that he takes.  He is creative and technical at the same time, gaining insight and evolving with every wedding he shoots.



Second Photographer

Tony's keen eye and warm personality enable him to capture real emotion from people.  On a wedding day he is always on the lookout for special moments to capture, and at the same time, giving you beautiful memories that you will cherish from that day.




Cinematographer, Post-Production Editor

Justin is a visual storyteller and who aspires to capture the moments couples will cherish forever.  He specializes in videography and you'll often see him ducking down or perched on top of something, always aiming for the perfect angle to capture the perfect shot.